MVM Green Technologies, Inc.
Developing Yesterday's Future and Tomorrow's Past, TODAY!

A Little about us

MVM Green Technologies, Inc. is engaged in the utilization of recycled materials to support and produce innovative "GREEN" products that positively impact our planet's conservation and our communities across the globe. Some of our products will include medical healthcare devices, highway safety technology, crime prevention systems and flood prevention.

The firm's experts in the fields of civil engineering and design have identified projects that can utilize the MVM-Blok II, LLC custom-manufactured interlocking blocks as a primary construction material.

The target market for the MVM-Blok II, LLC are projects which require non-expert on-site assembly of interlocking block walls which feature high-resistance to environmental forces such as water flow, temperature extremes and infra-red deterioration.

The MVM-Blok II, LLC can be used to meet and exceed U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) requirements. Other flood walls and flood water prevention competitors that have passed USACE requirements are inferior to the MVM-Blok II, LLC.

Our Homeless Veteran Population in America.

On any given night more than 300,000 Homeless Veterans are living on the streets and/or in shelters in the United States. Veterans represent only 11% of the American population but  a staggering 26% of the homeless population. 1 in 10 Veterans are disabled, mostly from injuries sustained in combat. About 70% of Veterans suffer from some sort of substance abuse. Due to lack of income related to non-transferable skills, combat-related illnesses and disability, substance abuse and issues adjusting back to civilian life, Veterans are more likely to become part of the homeless population. These are the men and women who have risked their lives to serve and protect the rights we have as citizens of the United States of America. We strongly believe that, as a country, we need to step up and provide some relief for these Veterans when they return home to their families. That is why we want to employ Veterans, Homeless Veterans and their families within our company. We will provide on the job training as well as many other benefits to help Veterans and their families start on the path to a fulfilling lifestyle.