MVM Green Technologies, Inc.
Developing Yesterday's Future and Tomorrow's Past, TODAY!

What we do

MVM Green Technologies, Inc. will manufacture the MVM-Blok II LLC through the use of 100 % post consumer materials. Our goal is not only to protect communities, but also to take steps to conserve our planet. MVM GT has been Department of Environmental Protection approved to reclaim landfills and to install our newly designed liner with the use of The MVM Blok II LLC. MVM GT will reclaim landfills, install our liner and install our liner in mono-fills that can properly dispose of hazardous waste that otherwise would go into outdated landfills and/or mono-fills. 

Part of our vision is to help families that have been impacted economically whether by natural disasters or by the current recession. Hiring skilled laborers and professionals from those impacted groups will be a priority for MVMGT and our community outreach partners. We plan to create jobs locally at project sites in North Dakota, Minnesota, Louisiana, West Virginia, etc. and through the expansion of additional manufacturing facilities placed in strategic locations throughout the United States and the world.

Our patent pending mixture of the MVM-Blok II LLC has a proven record of resisting decomposition, has a high tolerance UV rays, repels water, and is not buoyant. The strength of this material has been tested by other companies and has an exceptional impact durability ratio. The MVM-Blok II LLC can be placed along the diversion walls by a crew locally trained through MVMGT. These permanent diversion walls can be placed along current levees and flood zones.